Chris adler - Descending - Perfect drum quality HD1080p!

Anonim Movies
Anonim Movies
13 Dec 2019

This video is just a presentation of Chris Adler Playing drums to the track Descending.
The Guitars and Drums are from the Original Track which is recorded at the studio.
I mixed these guitars and drums with the reaper and then edited the video with the soundtrack I made. The Audio is not from the video but you can see obviously that Chris is killing it either way!

Have lots of fun while listening and watching it :)

Chris Adler Clinic at The Bienes Center for the Arts with Resurrection Drums, Mapex Drums, Aquarian Drumheads, ProMark, Zoom, Meinl, and Gibraltar. March 16, 2011.
Filmed with Nikon Coolpix S80.

(I don't own rights to any of this material and it have not been moneytized or commercialed the video in any way)

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